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Biden and the veto power

March 9, 2023  •  The Washington Examiner

Joe Biden is expected, likely within the week, to issue the first veto of his presidency more than two years into the start of his administration. His target is the so-called ESG bill, a resolution passed by Congress and overturning a Labor Department rule that allowed asset managers to prioritize environmental, social, and corporate governance factors over the strict financial results in retiree accounts when making investments. Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Pat Pizzella, who worked on this issue in the Trump administration, said ESG investing is "the icing on the cake of woke capitalism."

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review of The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the World on the Brink

March 2, 2023  •  City Journal

Ronald Reagan may have been the last president to enter office with both a foreign policy vision and a strategy for getting the job done. Reagan's vision was vindicated: his presidency ended successfully, with Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union a few years later, during the presidency of Reagan's successor, George H. W. Bush.

Since Reagan, our presidents have been less focused. Some have lacked a strategy; others, especially George W. Bush, changed theirs because of external events. But none have entered office with a true foreign policy vision.

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How writers make it work now

February 24, 2023  •  The Washington Examiner

The development of the ChatGPT app has led to scores of articles about the possibility of the app replacing writers entirely. But writing is a tough business, one in which it is hard to make a living and even harder to build a respected brand. Part of that is because writing something publishable is such a small part of what is actually involved in being a person who gets to call him or herself a writer. While grammatically, a writer is one who writes, colloquially by "writer," we mean one who writes their own personal expressions for pay reliably. We mean something more like a public intellectual.

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When a President Passes

February 22, 2023  •  Bipartisan Policy Center

A s the nation prays for Jimmy Carter and continues to appreciate his legacy, it's meaningful to note that no Democratic president has died since Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1973. As of this writing, all the Democratic presidents since then—Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden—are still alive. Should Carter pass, his funeral would be the first for a Democratic president in half a century.

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Presidential candidates' very first decision

February 17, 2023  •  The Washington Examiner

Nikki Haley became former President Donald Trump's first major competitor in the 2024 presidential election race as Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and others sit back and wait. While all are expected to run, their contrasting approaches raise an important question: How and when is it best to enter a presidential race? As usual, history provides some helpful answers. One of the most famous early entry stories is that of Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-MN) in 1968. The sitting president was Lyndon Johnson, who was reeling from unrest regarding the Vietnam War. Nevertheless, most observers thought Johnson was still too powerful within the Democratic superstructure to be at risk from any meaningful challenger. Despite this sentiment, McCarthy entered the race on Nov. 30, 1967, and had a surprisingly strong showing in the 1968 New Hampshire primaries, earning 42% of the vote, compared to Johnson's 48%.

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