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The Takeover Artists
Review of 'The Rebels' by Joshua Green

February 2024  •  Commentary

We read constantly about the changes in the GOP and how it is no longer George W. Bush's party, or even Ronald Reagan's. But what about the changes in the Democratic Party—which may, in fact, be more consequential and further-reaching? That is the subject of Joshua Green's The Rebels, a portrait of the Democratic Party's lurch to the left.

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10 years later, Obama's 'phone-and-pen' shtick is becoming a dangerous White House habit

January 12, 2024  •  New York Post

Ten years ago this week, with his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, Barack Obama created a new way to pursue his policies.

At his first Cabinet meeting of 2014, Obama stated, "I've got a pen and I've got a phone," coining a phrase and a pathway that has had deleterious implications for the presidency, and for the nation.

This was no mere rhetorical flourish. Obama was engaging in a sea-change in how to pursue his policy agenda.

By explicitly saying he'd pursue his policy agenda via executive action, Obama was rejecting the idea that his role was executing legislation duly passed by Congress.

He would skip the practice of reaching out to Congress to pass legislation he sought.

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Why Universities Target Jews

December 20, 2023  •  City Journal

Many Jewish students, parents, and donors are rethinking their allegiance to America's elite universities. They think that Jewish students are not welcome there.

That message is being sent in two ways. First, these schools aren't admitting Jewish students at the rates they once did. Harvard used to be about 20 percent Jewish; today, it's below 9 percent. At the University of Pennsylvania, long considered one of the friendliest campuses to Jewish students, the number of observant Jews admitted has dropped by about two-thirds, from 200 in the early 2000s to about 70 today, according to Inside Higher Ed. Jewish enrollment is down across much of the Ivy League.

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Conservatives we lost in 2023

December 15, 2023  •  The Washington Examiner

There was far too much death in 2023. Vladimir Putin's continuing war on Ukraine. More senseless mass shootings, including those in Maine and Tennessee. The savagery of Hamas in Israel. For all of these reasons, I will be glad to see 2023 in the rearview mirror. In addition, among those we lost in 2023 have been some remarkable conservatives. They were thinkers and leaders who helped shape the movement that promotes and defends liberty, the rule of law, and Western civilization — all of which are increasingly under pressure these days.

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Henry Kissinger, 1923-2023

December 1, 2023  •  The Washington Examiner

Henry Kissinger, the German-born geopolitical strategist and master bureaucratic infighter, has died at 100.

Born in Furth, Germany, in 1923, Kissinger and his Jewish family escaped Hitler's antisemitic Third Reich in 1938, fleeing to America. Only a few years later, he would return to Germany with the U.S. Army, where his fluency in his native language made him a valuable asset to U.S. intelligence.

A brilliant student, Kissinger earned three degrees from Harvard. His doctoral thesis was more than 300 pages and led to Harvard's "Kissinger rule," which limited the number of pages of future theses.

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