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Title Publication Date
Presidents and the Rebbe Jerusalem Post July 9, 2024
Hogan's a Hero The Washington Examiner June 7, 2024
The Benefits of Religious Colleges Discourse June 6, 2024
Why the Republican Party Needs a Platform National Review May 28, 2024
When White House communicators clash The Washington Examiner May 24, 2024
Biden bows to left-wing staff on Israel The Washington Examiner April 11, 2024
Why Party Platforms Matter National Affairs Spring 2024
Round Two Mishpacha Magazine March 12, 2024
Dan Quayle Reconsidered The Washington Examiner March 7, 2024
The Takeover Artists Commentary February 2024
10 years later, Obama's 'phone-and-pen' shtick is becoming a dangerous White House habit New York Post January 12, 2024
Why Universities Target Jews City Journal December 20, 2023
Conservatives we lost in 2023 The Washington Examiner December 15, 2023
Henry Kissinger, 1923-2023 The Washington Examiner December 1, 2023
Biden holds the line on Israel against staff dissent — for now The Washington Examiner November 3, 2023
Evening and Morning in Israel First Things October 16, 2023
Biden's decision and the ghosts of presidents past The Washington Examiner September 29, 2023
How to Think About Party Dissolution The Dispatch September 27, 2023
The Talmud for Today's World First Things September 14, 2023
Babe Ruth showed how athletes should interact with presidents New York Post August 16, 2023
Cocaine is far from the first drug found in the White House The Washington Examiner July 14, 2023
How to Combat Anti-Semitism National Affairs Summer 2023
Biden should worry about angering Eric Adams New York Post May 19, 2023
White House Plumbers is a busted flush The Spectator May 2, 2023
Biden and the veto power The Washington Examiner March 9, 2023
How writers make it work now The Washington Examiner February 24, 2023
When a President Passes Bipartisan Policy Center February 22, 2023
Presidential candidates' very first decision The Washington Examiner February 17, 2023
The Life and Times of the Faith-Based Initiative Mosaic February 13, 2023
Ed Koch, Ten Years Gone Commentary February 2023
What I see looking back at 2022: Setbacks for autocrats Washington Jewish Week January 5, 2023
Books of the Year, 2022: Inside Hollywood, Washington, and the Conservative Movement National Review Online December 31, 2022
Conservatives we lost in 2022 The Washington Examiner December 15, 2022
Location, Location, Location Claremont Review of Books Fall 2022
Prime Ministers of the Book Tablet Magazine November 20, 2022
All the presidents' children The Washington Examiner November 3, 2022
The Cuban Missile Crisis has become a cultural touchstone The Spectator October 17, 2022
Lessons from 75 Years of Presidential Speeches Dispatch October 5, 2022
The Witness of Words First Things September 15, 2022
Gorbachev and the Presidents City Journal August 31, 2022
Out of office but not out of the woods The Washington Examiner August 26, 2022
Conservative and single? Sorry, not interested The Washington Examiner August 18, 2022
David McCullough, 1933-2022 The Washington Examiner August 11, 2022
Biden faces a mutiny The Washington Examiner July 21, 2022
30 Years Ago, Liberal Icon Barbara Jordan Denounced Political Correctness Discourse July 13, 2022
Are We Losing Our Democracy? Moment July 6, 2022
Lessons for the Next Pandemic National Affairs Summer 2022
Watergate's Ghost The Washington Examiner June 9, 2022
Ruth Amid the Alien Corn First Things June 2, 2022
Nerve and Vision: Remembering Midge Decter City Journal May 10, 2022
Biden's White House is battling over the border – here's what history tells us could happen next Fox News April 13, 2022
Welcome to Baseball's Gold Age Tablet April 7, 2022
A century of toying with Ukrainians The Washington Examiner March 10, 2022
Ken Duberstein, R.I.P. National Review March 3, 2022
On the Campaign Trail Claremont Review of Books Winter 2022
Washington and the Presidential Precedent National Review February 21, 2022
We Still Need Honest Presidents InsideSources February 20, 2022
Bullies in the White House The Washington Examiner February 17, 2022
Can a White House intellectual save Biden's presidency? The Washington Post February 2, 2022
Barking at the press The Washington Examiner January 27, 2022
The de Blasio Debacle City Journal January 2, 2022
Books of the Year, 2021: Solace in Difficult Times National Review December 31, 2021
Conservatives we lost in 2021 The Washington Examiner December 21-28, 2021 Issue
From 'Huckleberry Capone' to 'Turd Blossom': A History of White House Nicknames Politico December 5, 2021
Remembering Bob Dole City Journal December 5, 2021
The Long and Winding Road to Campus Illiberalism Discourse November 30, 2021
George H.W. Bush's Lessons for Kamala Harris The Wall Street Journal November 19, 2021
Wokeness M.D. Commentary November 2021
Soldier, Statesman, Infighter City Journal October 19, 2021
Biden's legacy is on the line The Washington Examiner September 16, 2021
Presidents and the Age Question Discourse September 7, 2021
Should've Kept Those Jews City Journal Summer 2021
What History Tells Us About Trump's Reelection Chances Washingtonian September 2021
All The President's Yes Men The Wall Street Journal August 22, 2021
The Movies That Bind American Purpose August 20, 2021
Remembering Jackie Mason City Journal July 26, 2021
The Martin and Lewis Decade The Wall Street Journal July 25, 2021
Reagan's lesson for Biden The Washington Examiner July 22, 2021
Donald Rumsfeld, Infighting Champ City Journal July 1, 2021
White House Calls Off the Dogs in the Great Hunt for Leaks The Wall Street Journal June 15, 2021
Lose Election, Gain Think Tank Washingtonian June 2021
The case for optimism The Washington Examiner May 13, 2021
Live Near Hipsters, Vote Like Mormons City Journal May 13, 2021
Walter Mondale, 1928-2021 The Washington Examiner April 22, 2021
Heritage Should Look to its Past to Take on the Future Newsweek March 30, 2021
How to Defend Free Speech National Affairs Spring 2021
Vernon Jordan, 1935-2021 The Washington Examiner March 4, 2021
False starts The Washington Examiner February 18, 2021
A Radio Man and His Presidents City Journal February 18, 2021
Secretary for America City Journal February 8, 2021
Winning the race The Washington Examiner January 28, 2021
Reagan's Challenger Speech: A Four-Minute Window into Presidential Greatness National Review January 28, 2021
God at the Inauguration The Wall Street Journal January 21, 2021
Baggage check The Washington Examiner January 21, 2021
A Year in Reading: Books in the Time of COVID National Review December 31, 2020
Conservatives we lost in 2020 The Washington Examiner December 17, 2020
The John Kerry-Tony Blinken Relationship Has a Worrisome Analogue from the 1950s Politico December 10, 2020
A Brief History of Israel's Ambassadors to Washington, Their Successes, and Their Troubles Mosaic December 3, 2020
Esther in the White House: The Scroll of Esther and Surviving Palace Intrigue Algemeiner December 1, 2020
When Biden Met Begin The Wall Street Journal November 19, 2020
Five myths about presidential transitions The Washington Post November 13, 2020
Blockchain and the Next Pandemic American Purpose November 11, 2020
Seat of Power: A Brief History of Toilets in the White House Washingtonian November 2020
The Bitter Month First Things October 19, 2020
How COVID-19 Is Changing American Judaism Tablet October 9, 2020
Battle of the Preppers City Journal September 28, 2020
Yogi Berra and the presidency The Washington Examiner September 25, 2020
The Parties May Miss Conventions The Wall Street Journal August 10, 2020
Waker of Presidents City Journal August 10, 2020
Party music The Washington Examiner August 6, 2020
The Shorter Baseball Season Favors Teams with Collegial Clubhouses National Review Online July 15, 2020
A Minyan in the Time of Social Distancing The Wall Street Journal March 19, 2020
Israel's Nastiest Political Rivalries Tablet February 27, 2020
2018: A Year in Reading National Review Online December 17, 2018
The Underestimated: George H.W. Bush, R.I.P. City Journal December 1, 2018
Beach Blanket Bibliophilia National Review Online July 18, 2018
Learning to Like Ike The Weekly Standard May 4, 2018
How Blockchain Will Disrupt Colleges, the Media, and Unions, Too The Weekly Standard January 26, 2018
2017: The Year in Books National Review Online December 26, 2017
Heritage's New President Faces a Challenge The Atlantic December 19, 2017
An Eye-Opening Introduction to the Jewish Influence on America's Founding Mosaic December 12, 2017
In Hurricane Relief, 2 out of 3 Ain't Good The Wall Street Journal October 2, 2017
How Republicans Might Bring About Single-Payer Health Care Commentary October 2017
How the National Anthem Got Tangled Up With American Sports Politico September 26, 2017
Trump's Reassuring Hurricane Response The Wall Street Journal August 30, 2017
Judaism Can Help Those Whose Electronic Yearnings Get the Better of Them Mosaic August 22, 2017
Why the White House Needs Another Bannon Politico August 21, 2017
How Republicans can fix Obamacare now The Washington Post August 1, 2017
It's Summer, Time to Catch Up on Your Reading National Review Online July 31, 2017
Can Conservatives Find Their Way? The New York Times July 8, 2017
A Brief History of Presidents Firing People Washingtonian July 3, 2017
Is Gotham Ready for Bioterror? City Journal June 2017
Opioid Abuse Is a Public Health Crisis - Here's How Trump Can Beat It Observer May 30, 2017
How to Make the Heritage Foundation Great Again Politico May 3, 2017
Presidents and Public-Health Crises National Affairs Spring 2017
The GOP Health Care Meltdown Commentary April 6, 2017
A Brief History of Comedians Roasting Presidents Washingtonian March 30, 2017
Leave Steve Bannon Out of Your Shpiel The Wall Street Journal March 9, 2017
How Trump Split Conservatives Three Ways Politico February 25, 2017
Trump wants health 'insurance for everybody.' Here's how the GOP can make it happen. The Washington Post February 2, 2017
Getting a Better Return on Our Health Dollars The Ripon Forum February 2017
Will There Be An Internal Revolt Against Trump? Commentary February 2017
Shall We Wake the Prime Minister, Habibi? Tablet January 23, 2017
2016 Books: A President Leaves, but the Reading Continues National Review Online December 29, 2016
A Presidential Getaway Is No Vacation The Wall Street Journal December 22, 2016
Netanyahu learned the Carmel fire's lessons The Times of Israel November 29, 2016
The ACA's Impact on Employer-Provided Health Benefits Real Clear Health November 16, 2016
Transition teams help prepare for the unexpected Philadelphia Inquirer November 14, 2016
The GOP's ObamaCare Strategy Pays Off The Wall Street Journal November 13, 2016
Why Some Intellectuals Are Breaking for Trump Politico November 6, 2016
Cleaning Up Obama's Health-Care Mess Commentary November 1, 2016
What Debates Reveal About a Candidate's Crisis Management Style Observer October 19, 2016
America's next president should learn from Israel on dealing with disaster Jerusalem Post October 19, 2016
America's Next Crisis Manager The Wall Street Journal September 26, 2016
Don't Worry, America: The 3 A.M. Phone Call Is a Myth Politico September 10, 2016
Presidential Prerequisite: Must Love Spock New York Observer September 1, 2016
The Federal Government Is Ill-Equipped to Handle Natural Disasters National Review Online August 29, 2016
How Presidents Can Blow It During a National Disaster The Wall Street Journal August 26, 2016
A New Law That Actually Plans to Waste 50 Percent of Overall Spending Observer August 2, 2016
What Are the Best Books to Catch Up on This Summer? National Review Online July 22, 2016
How technology is changing political conventions The Washington Post July 17, 2016
The Evolution of Party Conventions National Affairs Summer 2016
The Mystery of Jewish and Asian-American Democratic Loyalty The Wall Street Journal June 15, 2016
Tennis-playing part of a long Israeli tradition Jerusalem Post May 29, 2016
How GOP Intellectuals' Feud With the Base Is Remaking U.S. Politics Politico April 19, 2016
Taking Trump Seriously On Health Care Commentary April 15, 2016
When Merle Haggard Played at the Nixon White House Observer April 7, 2016
Where Are the 2016 Candidates on Health Care? Observer February 29, 2016
A Better Way For Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Forbes February 18, 2016
How Donald Trump Broke the GOP's Music Curse Politico February 7, 2016
What We Can Learn From the GOP Candidates' Pop Culture Interests Observer January 19, 2016
We Lost Too Many Conservative Luminaries in 2015 - R.I.P. National Review Online December 29, 2015
2015: My Year of Reading National Review Online December 23, 2015
Ghosts of Presidential Christmases Past Wall Street Journal December 22, 2015
How the GOP Went Zionist Commentary December 2015
History Is Clear: It's Discipline That Wins Presidential Races Observer November 20, 2015
Congressional hearings aren't what they used to be. Here's how to make them better. The Washington Post October 21, 2015
The 'Cadillac Tax' Makes Everyone Sick The Wall Street Journal October 12, 2015
Obama's Media Precedents Will Shape the 2016 Race New York Observer October 5, 2015
Reclaiming the Congressional Hearing National Affairs Fall 2015
ObamaCare: What Can a Republican President Do About It in 2017? Commentary September 2015
What Are the 2016 GOP Candidates Reading? New York Observer August 21, 2015
Democrats Roll Out 'Mediscare' Again The Wall Street Journal July 31, 2015
A Brief History of Presidents Playing Tennis The Washingtonian July 30, 2015
@POTUS: Twitter Is a Future Biographers' Best Friend New York Observer July 20, 2015
White House Cool Weekly Standard July 6, 2015
Celebrating a Conservative Fourth of July National Review Online July 4, 2015
With Ramadan Here, Do We Need to Worry About MERS? New York Observer June 19, 2015
Develop a Governing Agenda with Targeted Health Care Reform The Ripon Forum May 2015
How Not to Bungle an ObamaCare Opening The Wall Street Journal February 5, 2015
I Think That I Shall Never See a Jew As Lovely As a Tree Commentary January 29, 2015
2015: The ObamaCare Crucible Commentary January 2015
2014: A Year in Reading National Review Online December 31, 2014
Another ObamaCare Deception The Wall Street Journal November 17, 2014
Riding the wave: How the Republican Congress can create jobs, fix Obamacare New York Daily News November 9, 2014
Ebola Isn't a Messaging Problem The Wall Street Journal October 19, 2014
Countering the Domestic Ebola Threat Forbes October 13, 2014
Stopping Ebola Before It Turns Into a Pandemic The Wall Street Journal October 3, 2014
Ebola's Warning for an Unprepared America The Wall Street Journal September 17, 2014
Heading Off a Bigger Ebola Catastrophe The Wall Street Journal September 1, 2014
Will employer health plans become a casualty of Obamacare? Politico May 12, 2014
Obama's "Last Campaign": Pop Culture Push for Health Law RealClearPolitics March 22, 2014
Obama's next memoir will make money - but it won't change minds The Washington Post February 21, 2014
8 Fascinating Stories About Presidents And Their Favorite Books Business Insider February 17, 2014
The Presidential Bible Class The Wall Street Journal February 13, 2014
What Obama's 'Mad Men' SOTU Moment Tells Us About His Presidency Forbes January 31, 2014
Bloombergism City Journal Winter 2014
A Year of Reading National Review Online December 31, 2013
The Three Failed Promises of ObamaCare Commentary December 2013
Israeli leaders are readers The Jerusalem Post November 17, 2013
George W. Bush's Jewish Problem RealClearReligion November 15, 2013
Framing diplomacy through images Philadelphia Inquirer November 10, 2013
Halloween at the White House Politico October 31, 2013
The Love Affair Between American Presidents and Jewish Artists, and Why It May Be Over Tablet Magazine October 2, 2013
The Pop Presidency of Barack Obama Commentary October 2013
The Future of Frumkeit in Lancaster, Pa. Washington Jewish Week September 25, 2013
'The Simpsons': Poking Fun at U.S. Presidents for a Quarter Century The American September 25, 2013
American Presidents and New York City: A Cultural History New York Observer September 12, 2013
High Holiday reflections on Jews in America Washington Jewish Week September 4, 2013
Star struck New York Post August 17, 2013
All the Presidents' Vacation Reading The Wall Street Journal August 9, 2013
When the President Came to Town City Journal Summer 2013
What 'World War Z' can teach us about pandemics Politico June 27, 2013
ObamaCare Ad Wars Heat Up Real Clear Politics June 20, 2013
The ObamaCare Blame Game Commentary June 2013
Fielding an All-Star Political Baseball Team Washingtonian May 2013
The Changing Bird Flu Threat The Wall Street Journal April 26, 2013
Measuring the Drapes National Affairs Spring 2013
Can Republicans Close the Pop Culture Gap? Real Clear Politics March 21, 2013
The Best Prescription for Pre-Emption The Wall Street Journal March 18, 2013
From LBJ to Nixon to Obama, why the White House may 'regret' hassling the press The Washington Post March 1, 2013
Obama's Sequester Scare Tactics National Review Online February 27, 2013
The Great Exchange War of 2013 Commentary February 2013
Obamacare Starts In 2013, As Should Plans To Reform It Forbes February 5, 2013
What Koch himself thought he did best New York Daily News February 3, 2013
On how to have a successful second term The Wall Street Journal January 19, 2013
Memo to future presidents: Bring extra cash Politico January 18, 2013
Five myths about this year's flu The Washington Post January 18, 2013
Brain Storm: Think Tanks Spawned by Election Losses Washingtonian January 7, 2013
What Is the Future of Conservatism in the Wake of the 2012 Election? Commentary January 2013
PSY gives Obama chance to take stand Politico December 16, 2012
2012 Election: How Obama and Romney Prep for the Debates Washingtonian October 2012
When and How Did Presidential Debates Start? Washingtonian October 2012
The ObamaCare Debacle Deepens Commentary September 2012
I don't fly on Shabbos Washington Jewish Week June 6, 2012
Thanks for the Help, Tinseltown? Washingtonian May 2012
Three Days that Shook ObamaCare Commentary May 2012
Obama and TV News The American May 15, 2012
America's costliest disease The Daily Caller May 3, 2012
The Most Jewish Election Tablet Magazine April 24, 2012
Interview with Sally Pipes, "The Pipes Plan: The Top Ten Ways to Dismantle and Replace Obamacare" New Books In Public Policy April 20, 2012
Think tank politics The Washington Post March 16, 2012
Interview with Noam Scheiber, "The Escape Artists: How Obama's Team Fumbled the Recovery" New Books In Public Policy March 13, 2012
The Mind in the Oval Office The American March 2, 2012
ObamaCare at the Supreme Court Commentary February 2012
Interview with Eric Weiner, "Man Seek God: My Flirtations with the Divine" New Books In Public Policy February 15, 2012
The Last Sane Liberal City Journal Winter 2012
Interview with Sol Stern, "A Century of Palestinian Rejectionism and Jew Hatred" New Books In Public Policy February 1, 2012
Devaluing the Think Tank National Affairs Winter 2012
Interview with Tim Groseclose, "Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind" New Books In Public Policy December 22, 2011
Condi's Mystery Men Washingtonian December 2011
Health care recusal is the judges' call Politico November 23, 2011
Is the Super Committee Super Enough? Spotlight on Poverty November 21, 2011
Romney's position ought to make him the top GOP pick McClatchy Newspapers November 3, 2011
Obama's FDA Executive Order National Review Online November 1, 2011
My First Time ... Briefing the President Washingtonian October 19, 2011
The White House's Advice for Your Rabbi The Wall Street Journal September 23, 2011
Market-based savings in Medicare The Hill September 20, 2011
'Contagion' all too real The Washington Times September 15, 2011
Better questions make better debates Politico September 5, 2011
The Fog of Mediscare Commentary September 2011
What's Obama Reading? National Review Online August 23, 2011
What books are the GOP 2012 contenders reading? The Washington Post August 20, 2011
Subject to Review The New Atlantis Summer 2011
Does Anyone Actually Read Bob Woodward's Books? The Washingtonian July 5, 2011
Addressing health care after the Affordable Care Act Synesis 2011
Now's time to redraft ACO rules Politico June 3, 2011
Koch Test Tablet Magazine June 1, 2011
Presidents and our 'Common' culture The Daily Caller May 13, 2011
Poverty is about unemployment, dropping out, and having children outside marriage Conservative Home April 20, 2011
Obama's semi-opaque transparency Politico April 18, 2011
Dan Shapiro and Michael Oren: Mixing Diplomacy with Davening The Washingtonian April 2011
Fixing the confirmation process The Hill March 31, 2011
Fixing the Confirmation Process National Affairs Spring 2011
ObamaCare Repudiated? Commentary March 2011
What's Playing at the White House Movie Theater? Washingtonian Magazine February 2011
Low profiles make a winning team Politico February 10, 2011
The Gipper Beyond 100 National Review February 7, 2011
The Gipper's Gift: A Pro-Israel GOP Forward February 3, 2011
A new government-run drug developer? The Daily Caller January 25, 2011
Standing Tall Tablet Magazine January 18, 2011
Heading Off the Next Pandemic The New Atlantis Fall 2010
Failure in Tucson National Review Online January 13, 2011
Obama's Vacation Reading National Review Online January 7, 2011
Obama Should Keep Quiet About Football Real Clear Sports December 29, 2010
The Democrats and Health Care Commentary January 2011
Life sciences industry sending FDA a loud and clear message - anonymously The Hill December 1, 2010
Republican Reading National Review Online November 18, 2010
Jewish Winners and Losers of the 2010 Election Mishpacha November 10, 2010
Jewish vote veers right - at times Politico October 21, 2010
A Twenty-First-Century GOP City Journal Summer 2010
Freedom Frenzy: A Look at Presidential Reading Lists National Review Online September 11, 2010
Obama's Biological Countermeasures Politico September 5, 2010
Slow down on health IT The Washington Times August 20, 2010
Too many czars in Obama's kitchen Politico July 22, 2010
Process for confirming senior administration officials is broken The Daily Caller July 12, 2010
Are Foreign Clinical Drug Trials Safe? Medical Progress Today July 8, 2010
White House insider explains how U.S. presidents have become lords of the flies The Daily Caller June 23, 2010
Obama, Israel and American Jews Commentary June 2010
Implementation Hiccups for Obamacare National Review Online June 10, 2010
The Odd Couple Metric City Journal Spring 2010
Don't expect much from Kagan e-mails Politico May 27, 2010
The White House Seder and the Danger of Political Ritual First Things May 13, 2010
For Obama and past presidents, the books they read shape policies and perceptions The Washington Post April 18, 2010
Mass Appeal Tablet Magazine April 13, 2010
Calling All Con Artists... National Review April 19, 2010
Well, at least they had a seder The Daily Caller March 30, 2010
With Obamacare, Implementation is Tricky The Washington Examiner March 24, 2010
Bush, Obama, and the Intellectuals National Affairs Spring 2010
Nerd is another word for smart Politico March 13, 2010
Health Care: A Two-Decade Blunder Commentary April 2010
The Summit Cometh National Review Online February 25, 2010
Preparing for Bioterrorism The Weekly Standard February 23, 2010
Anti-vaccine studies also threaten homeland security The Daily Caller February 16, 2010
A Late Shift The American Spectator February 11, 2010
Homeland Security Council, we hardly knew ye Politico February 1, 2010
Electronic flash in plan The Washington Times December 18, 2009
Cornell's Straight Flush City Journal December 13, 2009
Senate debate is the beginning of health-care dialogue Politico December 3, 2009
Obama must beware of the Chanukah snub JTA November 23, 2009
Condition Serious but Not Hopeless National Review Online November 23, 2009
Mending Health Care Reform Forbes.com November 19, 2009
Roadmap to Victory National Review Online November 19, 2009
Mission Remission National Review Online November 9, 2009
Enter the neutral zone Politico October 28, 2009
Can Obamacare Be Stopped? National Review Online October 28, 2009
Developing A Better Vaccine Forbes.com September 27, 2009
What the President Should Have Said National Review Online September 10, 2009
Cut Costs Without Rationing Care By Putting Patient Back In Charge Investor's Business Daily August 31, 2009
Wrong Big Picture, Dangerous Fine Print National Review August 10, 2009
Honoring an America-Hater The New York Post August 4, 2009
Wal-Mart Allies With The Left Forbes.com July 1, 2009
The End of Medical Miracles? Commentary Magazine June 2009
Swine Flu Hotwash National Review Online May 18, 2009
In His Own Words National Review Online May 12, 2009
Health Care Reform - Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture America Speak On May 4, 2009
How Bush Prepared for the Outbreak The Wall Street Journal April 28, 2009
5 Myths on Health Care's Electronic Fix-It The Washington Post April 26, 2009
Prescriptions for a Better HHS The American April 20, 2009
The Future Of The FDA Forbes.com March 14, 2009
Leaker for Langley? National Review Online February 4, 2009
Trojan Horse The Weekly Standard January 29, 2009
Right Read National Review Online February 9, 2005
A Rich Tradition National Review Online June 7, 2004
All The Presidents' Brains The Times Higher Education Supplement July 5, 2002
My Boss the Fanatic The New Republic January 29, 2001
George W. and the Intellectuals The Washington Times September 14, 2000
Downsizing: Myth and Reality Journal of Commerce May 14, 1996
Praguelodytes National Review October 19, 1992
Faster, Hollywood! Kill! Kill! Reason July 1992
The Fanny Hill Phenomenon The American Enterprise March/April 1991

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
An Ordinary Man: The Surprising Life and Historic Presidency of Gerald R. Ford
by Richard Norton Smith
Commentary July/August 2023
Crash Landing: The Inside Story of How the World's Biggest Companies Survived an Economy on the Brink
by Liz Hoffman
The Washington Free Beacon May 7, 2023
The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the World on the Brink
by William Inboden
City Journal March 2, 2023
A Man of Iron: The Turbulent Life and Improbable Presidency of Grover Cleveland
by Troy Senik
Washington Free Beacon September 25, 2022
In Hitler's Munich: Jews, the Revolution, and the Rise of Nazism
by Michael Brenner
Washington Free Beacon May 22, 2022
The Trials of Harry S. Truman: The Extraordinary Presidency of an Ordinary Man, 1945-1953
by Jeffrey Frank
The Washington Free Beacon April 3, 2022
Lincoln and the Fight for Peace
by John Avlon
Washington Free Beacon February 13, 2022
First Friends: The Powerful, Unsung (And Unelected) People Who Shaped Our Presidents
by Gary Ginsberg
Claremont Review of Books Fall 2021
The Last Days of New York: A Reporter's True Tale
by Seth Barron
National Review August 26, 2021
A Promised Land
by Barack Obama
City Journal December 4, 2020
The Man Who Ran Washington: The Life and Times of James A. Baker III
by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser
The Wall Street Journal September 25, 2020
Author in Chief: The Untold Story of Our Presidents and the Books They Wrote
by Craig Fehrman
Claremont Review of Books Fall 2020
Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian
by Richard Aldous
Commentary December 14, 2017
His Fathers Son: The Life of General Ted Roosevelt, Jr.
by Tim Brady
The Weekly Standard July 3, 2017
The Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, and Plutocrats are Transforming the Marketplace of Ideas
by Daniel Drezner
Commentary May 16, 2017
First Dads: Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama
by Joshua Kendall
The Weekly Standard July 4, 2016
Off Script: An Advance Man's Guide to White House Stagecraft, Campaign Spectacle, and Political Suicide
by Josh King
The Wall Street Journal April 15, 2016
Doomed to Succeed: The U.S.-Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama
by Dennis Ross
Weekly Standard November 30, 2015
The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President
by Aaron David Miller
Commentary December 1, 2014
Politics Is a Joke!
by S. Robert Lichter, Jody C Baumgartner and Jonathan S. Morris
The Wall Street Journal August 19, 2014
Heart: An American Medical Odyssey
by Dick Cheney and Jonathan Reiner
The Weekly Standard January 27, 2014
When Hollywood Was Right: How Movie Stars, Studio Moguls, and Big Business Remade American Politics
by Donald T. Critchlow
The Weekly Standard December 16, 2013
Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health
by Jeanne E. Abrams
The Wall Street Journal September 30, 2013
Two Presidents Are Better Than One
by David Orentlicher
The Weekly Standard May 27, 2013
Jews and Booze: Becoming American in the Age of Prohibition
by Marni Davis
The Weekly Standard November 19, 2012
Primetime Propaganda
by Ben Shapiro
The Weekly Standard November 7, 2011
The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath
by Joseph Lieberman
Jewish Ideas Daily September 27, 2011
A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next
by David Horowitz
Jewish Ideas Daily September 27, 2011
Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain
by Jim Lehrer
National Review September 19, 2011
The Fatal Strain: On the Trail of Avian Flu and the Coming Pandemic
by Alan Sipress
Claremont Review of Books Summer 2010
Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All
by Paul A. Offit
The Weekly Standard April 11, 2011
Tabloid Medicine: How the Internet Is Being Used to Hijack Medical Science for Fear and Profit
by Robert Goldberg
The Weekly Standard April 11, 2011
Toward a Renewed Ethic of Jewish Philanthropy Philanthropy Fall 2010
The Land of Blood and Honey: The Rise of Modern Israel
by Martin van Creveld
Commentary October 2010
The Politics of Happiness: What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being
by Derek Bok
Claremont Review of Books Summer 2010
The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office
by David Blumenthal and James Morone
The Weekly Standard November 23, 2009
The Truth of Power: Intellectual Affairs in the Clinton White House
by Benjamin Barber
The Wall Street Journal September 13, 2001
A Life in the Twentieth Century: Innocent Beginnings, 1917-1950
by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Policy Review February-March 2001
Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945
by David M. Kennedy
The Washington Times July 4, 1999
The Conservative Revolution
by Lee Edwards
The Wall Street Journal April 27, 1999
Max Lerner: Pilgrim in the Promised Land
by Sanford Lakoff
The Weekly Standard March 8, 1999
Reconstructing America: The Symbol of America in Modern Thought
by James W. Ceasar
The Washington Times November 1, 1997

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