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Title Publication Date
Wokeness M.D. Commentary November 2021
How Republicans Might Bring About Single-Payer Health Care Commentary October 2017
How Republicans can fix Obamacare now The Washington Post August 1, 2017
Opioid Abuse Is a Public Health Crisis - Here's How Trump Can Beat It Observer May 30, 2017
Presidents and Public-Health Crises National Affairs Spring 2017
The GOP Health Care Meltdown Commentary April 6, 2017
Trump wants health 'insurance for everybody.' Here's how the GOP can make it happen. The Washington Post February 2, 2017
Getting a Better Return on Our Health Dollars The Ripon Forum February 2017
The ACA's Impact on Employer-Provided Health Benefits Real Clear Health November 16, 2016
The GOP's ObamaCare Strategy Pays Off The Wall Street Journal November 13, 2016
Cleaning Up Obama's Health-Care Mess Commentary November 1, 2016
Taking Trump Seriously On Health Care Commentary April 15, 2016
Where Are the 2016 Candidates on Health Care? Observer February 29, 2016
A Better Way For Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Forbes February 18, 2016
The 'Cadillac Tax' Makes Everyone Sick The Wall Street Journal October 12, 2015
ObamaCare: What Can a Republican President Do About It in 2017? Commentary September 2015
Democrats Roll Out 'Mediscare' Again The Wall Street Journal July 31, 2015
With Ramadan Here, Do We Need to Worry About MERS? New York Observer June 19, 2015
Develop a Governing Agenda with Targeted Health Care Reform The Ripon Forum May 2015
How Not to Bungle an ObamaCare Opening The Wall Street Journal February 5, 2015
2015: The ObamaCare Crucible Commentary January 2015
Another ObamaCare Deception The Wall Street Journal November 17, 2014
Ebola Isn't a Messaging Problem The Wall Street Journal October 19, 2014
Countering the Domestic Ebola Threat Forbes October 13, 2014
Stopping Ebola Before It Turns Into a Pandemic The Wall Street Journal October 3, 2014
Ebola's Warning for an Unprepared America The Wall Street Journal September 17, 2014
Heading Off a Bigger Ebola Catastrophe The Wall Street Journal September 1, 2014
Will employer health plans become a casualty of Obamacare? Politico May 12, 2014
Obama's "Last Campaign": Pop Culture Push for Health Law RealClearPolitics March 22, 2014
The Three Failed Promises of ObamaCare Commentary December 2013
Star struck New York Post August 17, 2013
ObamaCare Ad Wars Heat Up Real Clear Politics June 20, 2013
The ObamaCare Blame Game Commentary June 2013
The Best Prescription for Pre-Emption The Wall Street Journal March 18, 2013
The Great Exchange War of 2013 Commentary February 2013
Obamacare Starts In 2013, As Should Plans To Reform It Forbes February 5, 2013
Five myths about this year's flu The Washington Post January 18, 2013
Sick Workers' Dilemma: Stay Home Or Go To Work? NPR January 16, 2013
Flu Outbreak 2013: Impact on the Economy CNBC January 14, 2013
We Need a Market-Driven Health-Care System Fox Business November 12, 2012
Barker, Troy have main health care roles in Romney transition Politico Pro October 25, 2012
Finding The Right Balance Health Affairs October 2012
The ObamaCare Debacle Deepens Commentary September 2012
Nominee's Health Advisers Reunite a Bush-Era Team National Journal August 29, 2012
Romney health advisers meet with House GOP Politico Pro June 19, 2012
Three Days that Shook ObamaCare Commentary May 2012
America's costliest disease The Daily Caller May 3, 2012
Interview with Sally Pipes, "The Pipes Plan: The Top Ten Ways to Dismantle and Replace Obamacare" New Books In Public Policy April 20, 2012
What Could Happen If The Health Care Law is Overturned By Supreme Court? Fox 5 News March 28, 2012
Possible Outcomes of Health-Care Hearings Fox Business March 26, 2012
Inside the Beltway: Romney's chicken soup The Washington Times March 26, 2012
Healthcare Reform Gets Its Day in Court The Burrill Report March 22, 2012
ObamaCare at the Supreme Court Commentary February 2012
US to keep morning-after pill restrictions Boston Globe December 7, 2011
Health care recusal is the judges' call Politico November 23, 2011
Can Supreme Court Derail Obama Campaign? Fox Business November 15, 2011
Obama's FDA Executive Order National Review Online November 1, 2011
Market-based savings in Medicare The Hill September 20, 2011
Subject to Review The New Atlantis Summer 2011
Addressing health care after the Affordable Care Act Synesis 2011
Bill Clinton Has Advice for Democrats on Medicare International Business Times May 25, 2011
Health reform rule spooks providers Politico May 24, 2011
Fixing the Confirmation Process National Affairs Spring 2011
ObamaCare Repudiated? Commentary March 2011
A new government-run drug developer? The Daily Caller January 25, 2011
Heading Off the Next Pandemic The New Atlantis Fall 2010
'Death Panel' Comeback? Fox News December 27, 2010
The Democrats and Health Care Commentary January 2011
What a Judge's Ruling Means to Healthcare Reform The Burrill Report December 17, 2010
Life sciences industry sending FDA a loud and clear message - anonymously The Hill December 1, 2010
Republicans Get Ready to Play Healthcare Reform Jenga The Burrill Report November 11, 2010
GOP to target health care reform law Gannett News Service November 9, 2010
Get Health-Care Spending Under Control Fox Business October 11, 2010
Pollak and Schakowsky health care events are a study in contrasts Chicago Conservative Examiner October 5, 2010
Slow down on health IT The Washington Times August 20, 2010
Are Foreign Clinical Drug Trials Safe? Medical Progress Today July 8, 2010
Implementation Hiccups for Obamacare National Review Online June 10, 2010
White House misses early deadlines in ObamaCare implementation The Daily Caller June 2, 2010
ObamaCare, In Context Pajamas Media April 10, 2010

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Confirmation Wars at CMS Blog November 29, 2011
Don Berwick's Legacy Blog November 23, 2011
Good News from the Supremes Blog November 14, 2011
FDA to Companies: Social Media Is for Me, Not for Thee Blog May 19, 2011
Five Takeaways from the Obama HIV/AIDS Plan Blog July 13, 2010
Obama to Insurers: Don't Use Regulations as an Excuse to Hike Costs Blog June 22, 2010
Vaccine Wars Blog May 25, 2010

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Heart: An American Medical Odyssey
by Dick Cheney and Jonathan Reiner
The Weekly Standard January 27, 2014
Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health
by Jeanne E. Abrams
The Wall Street Journal September 30, 2013
The Fatal Strain: On the Trail of Avian Flu and the Coming Pandemic
by Alan Sipress
Claremont Review of Books Summer 2010
Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All
by Paul A. Offit
The Weekly Standard April 11, 2011
Tabloid Medicine: How the Internet Is Being Used to Hijack Medical Science for Fear and Profit
by Robert Goldberg
The Weekly Standard April 11, 2011

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